is a leading provider of consulting services with a strong focus on innovative business solutions. PMMetrix consultants provide ongoing productivity and quality improvements through enhanced people, process and project management solutions.

We help you reduce cycle time, improve communication, develop realistic schedules, and stay on track. Our experts will help you determine the level of detail and tracking that makes sense for your company's unique culture.

primary clients include organizations that base their businesses on mission critical projects that require enterprise-wide project management methodologies, processes and tools.

Process Management Solutions

PMMetrix believes that People do not fail, Processes do. PMMetrix designs simplified processes that facilitate communication, streamline workflow and create organizational efficiency. These processes have been proven to increase productivity and produce successful results.

Project Management Solutions

PMMetrix believes that time is a scarce resource. Unless it is managed effectively nothing else can be managed. Our project managers ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. PMMetrix consultants have advanced degrees, PMI training, and proven experience in managing every aspect of a project.

People Management Solutions
PMMetrix knows that when People succeed organizations win.
One of the most important aspects of a winning solution is making sure the project team functions as a cohesive unit. PMMetrix is an expert on the human aspects of project management, including team building and human resource management. We offer personality assessments, strategic team building, and organizational alignment solutions that optimize and leverage human capital. This upfront investment greatly increases the success of a project and creates long lasting organizational value.

Performance Management Solutions

Your metrics are our outcomes. PMMetrix knows that what gets Measured, gets Managed. The core mission of PMMetrix is to improve the performance of our clients. Through the proactive management of the 4 P’s, we implement tools such as The Balanced Scorecard and Executive Dashboards to measure and track the progress of any project on any team.