The Clients

• Fortune 100 Biotechnology Companies
• Clinical Research Organizations
• Pre-IPO Biotechnology Firms
• Top 10 Pharmaceutical Firms
• Major Food & Beverage Distributors

The Challange
What would you be able to accomplish if you knew more about your people, internal processes, and mission critical projects?

Our clients want and need these answers. It is critical for our customers to find out what is working well and what needs improvement. In every situation it comes down to knowing and understanding the performance metrics that differentiate the narrow line between success and failure.

PMMetrix 4 P's Approach
As with any successful plan, it is important to start with the right strategy. PMMetrix™ consultants work with the client to first develop the CORE objectives that are in line with the overall corporate mission and vision. Once this has been established PMMetrix™ ensures that you have the right people for the right job and that organizational structure and processes allow the company to achieve its objectives.

PMMetrix™ does more then just improve your return on human capital and operational efficiency. We develop the appropriate project management methodology and functions required to successfully pull mission critical efforts through to completion, on time and within budget.

In addition, PMMetrix™ deploys performance management tools, metrics and executive dashboards that monitor the progress of the above efforts. The PMMetrix™ approach comes with a report card and we put the metrics in place to guarantee success.

Successes & Benefits
PMMetrix™ knows what it takes to win and we make it happen!

Our approach and past experience has demonstrated that when you focus on your PEOPLE, PROCESS, PROJECT and PERFORMANCE you are miles ahead of your competition.